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It’s been an amazing process putting this all together, bringing my favorite creatures and places to life in patterns and illustrations.


Please click on a title below to jump to a collection or just browse. I hope something you see makes your day that little bit brighter!


Thanks so much for visiting.

All patterns are in repeat and are vector graphics. 

Watercolor Florals 420-01.jpg
Watercolor Florals 420 white
CD0018 - Palms + hibiscus blue-01.jpg
web portfolio CD0023 pink flower and blu
CD0334 - Sunflower and Leaf-01.jpg
CD0334 - Sunflower and Leaf
CD0334 - Sunflower and Leaf bbg-01.jpg
Kiddie Tropical- portfolio version.jpg
CD0311 original colors-01.jpg
CD0311 - Ditsy Watercolor Floral Pink-01
CD0224 - Moody Banana Flowers-01.jpg
CD0224 - Banana Flowers Blues-01.jpg
CD0224 - Banana Flowers-01.jpg
CD0224 - Banana Flowers orange again-01.
CD0238 - red big Dahlia and Dot-01.jpg
CD0335 - Painterly Dahlia Blue Hues-01.j