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Charlotte Dorris

Boston-based Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator

As a kid, I started out drawing unicorns. Unicorn after unicorn after unicorn... 

I still draw my favorite things, but I’ve diversified a little! You’ll find boats, birds and beasts of all shapes and sizes. I love the challenge of shaping these favorites into new and interesting forms, and there is nothing more satisfying than creating a fresh and original pattern.


My designs are influenced by my life. By Cape Cod, where I grew up, and which engendered my love of the sea.  By the global cities I've been lucky enough to live in since: St. Pete (Florida), Shanghai, London, and Boston. And by my love of critters great and small.


When I'm not making art, you will usually find me out on the water sailing, rowing or paddleboarding or cruising the bike path on my rollerblades. When the New England weather is a little less warm, I’ll be dabbling with frostbite on the slopes.

To view my portfolio, please click on the Licensing Portfolio tab above and sign up or send me an email with a bit about you and what you're looking for. Thank you for stopping by!


Need freelance pattern or illustration work? Great! I’d love to help you. :)


Please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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